Our Story

The Stitch Glitch is the brainchild of two ordinary people trying to create something extraordinarily special. Okay, maybe not special. Because once you go through our products, most of them represent the annoyed, bored, tired, and introverted community. Yes, we took it too personally and made a brand out of it. Smart? Thank you.

We share a simple belief that we aren’t the only two people who feel this way and find this relatable, therefore we open our small shop and kinda big hearts to all of you; our customers, our most-priced possession, our only source of money (just kidding, maybe).

All of our products are versatile enough to be worn in any setting. Your ‘fit check’ and ‘OOTD/N’ was definitely kept in mind. 

We’re no team of hundreds and neither can we afford cheap labor, so our shop updates every 2 weeks, slowly and steadily. We’re here to win you, not the race.

Like every other brand story ending, it’s about to get sappy. (you were warned)

We started this brand to finally have a job that doesn’t feel like a job. Of course, even building a brand as weird and different as ours, takes a lot of work and effort. But trust us, we have enjoyed every single minute of it. We made sure we are creating something that is bigger than us, and loved by more people than just the two of us. There you go, this is us. This is The Stitch Glitch, forever creating and hoping you find something that fits in your closet, budget, and you! 

If you’re still reading this, hi! You may or may not have liked what you saw but we’re glad you stopped by. Even if it’s just as a viewer, thank you for browsing. Maybe we’ll get you in our next collection.